Putting the World to Rights.

Putting the World to Rights

Today was a Baker's Dozen day.

In 1942 a small gathering of arnside residents met on Friday mornings in a local cafe for coffee and conversation. A little later the group turned themselves into a Club and adopted a Charter which you see above. It was decided to limit the membership to 13. It is, as these things often are, a self perpetuating club with existing members finding replacements.

It now covers both Arnside and Silverdale and has eight or nine members. This is a comfortable number as we meet fortnightly in each others houses in turn. Members volunteer topics and give an introduction of ten minutes or so before everyone jumps in.

Todays topic is typical. It could be summed up by the phrase How tolerant of intolerance can a tolerant society be. You can imagine many of the issues raised such as the rewriting of history (Rhodes statue), banning speakers who may give offence to anyone and the clash between religions and cultures.

Over 74 years we have probably not done much to change the world. But members have probably hada better understanding of it and they have most certainly enjoyed making lasting friendships.

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