An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The Hat Trick...

So, yesterday wasn't really the best of days.  

Two really cr*p pieces of news threw us for six (sorry I don't mean to be cryptic but it's just not possible to discuss it here) and by dinner time all we were fit for was sitting on the sofa with our feet up eating pizza.

Heading to bed around 12.15 I went to lock the front door and noticed a small puddle of water on the floor.  After staring quizzically at it for a moment or two, I remembered advice I'd been given many moons ago - when you see unexpected water on the floor, look up to the ceiling -  so I did and today's blip is the site that greeted me.   Wet coving, ceiling and wall.  Well they say bad things happen in threes and true to form, here was our hat trick.

After an investigation that involved David up a tall ladder outside just as Storm Gertrude's wild winds were starting to howl, we finally discovered the cause was internal; a leaking inlet pipe to the loo in the spare bedroom ensuite.   D managed to get it tightened so hopefully that will fix it till we get a plumber to check it properly.

Thankfully today has been a better day.   

A friend came for lunch, we managed to salvage something hopeful from one of the bits of yesterday's bad news and best of looks like Alan has gotten over the flare up of his ulcerative colitis that's been  threatening since Christmas.   That has made me very happy :-))

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