It's just started to sleet  -  3 pm  -  but earlier there was bright sunshine although it was very windy. Taking advantage of the sunshine I tootled off down to the Links Pond. Not a person in sight (see extra) and all the gulls were on land rather than on the water. The ducks were in the water  -  see other extra.   I nearly got blown into the Pond photographing the ducks  -  so gave up and came home.  The blip is my attempt to get birds in flight.  I had a go in manual, but they all came out blurred, so I changed over to auto - it was too cold and windy to concentrate on changing settings. Although there were no children or adults in the park there were quite a few golfers out. I would have thought the wind would carry the golfballs astray.  Perhaps the men were just eager to get out of the house for whatever reason men do!  Anyway, the wind was too much for me  -  it always disorientates me  -  so much today that I tried opening my housedoor with my car keys!  How disorientated is that!

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