Último día en Los Urrutias, Murcia

Here is a post card from Los Urrutias. Upper picture from sunrise, lowest on sunset and some "mood pictures" from the houses of the village in the middle. All the house pictures taken during today. Never anyone in sight. All the windows closed down. This is reality here during the winter.

Well, actually during weekends some Spaniards come to their vacation houses and you can see bit more life around here, but not much difference.

Tomorrow we continue our road trip across country from Mar Menor, Murcia all the way to Sevilla and beyond to Costa de la Luz, Huelva, El Rompido. Couldn't ask for better weather. It's gonna be despejado, no nuboso.

Funny how the words we learn first involves road signs, food and food related stuff and weather matters. What more do you need? :-D

We're very excited to see yet another coast! And even when the first week living in this garage turned into a house was horrible, you clearly learn to cope with your surroundings and now this place doesn't seem half bad.

In Huelva we didn't manage to get a house accommodations so we have to stay in a hotel. To many that sounds better, but when traveling with dogs it's not. They bark at strange sounds and in a new surroundings that's about everything. We'll only have a small room and the bed takes most of it. We have all the stuff for the dogs and theirs beds (to make them more comfortable and not bark so much) and our own bags. In addition there's not much I can eat, so I can't benefit from the breakfast they serve and can't cook in a hotel room, so I'll be pretty much stuck to eating arroz and maiz cakes. Restaurant food is pretty much the same for me - unusable. Well, I'll survive. And continue to hate food as it's not good for you to hate your very own el sistema digestivo and gallstone troubles. 

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