A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


That means Panto in our village and we have just two weeks of rehearsals left!

I walked up the village this morning to buy some stamps from the PO that you can see here in the background. These promotional posters are planted in the flower bed currently planted with primulas in the village centre. So I thought this one could be my blip.

I also went to the chemist for my prescription and had a walk to see how the village daffs were coming on. Nowhere near as far out as those we saw in the SW this weekend. The warm, but wild, weather has brought on our garden snowdrops and early crocus and we have some Tete a Tete about to flower but the daffs are not there yet.

Later in the morning we took some milk up to my son's house and made his bed as he is unexpectedly coming home for a meeting in Catterick tomorrow and is taking a bit of owed leave for the rest of the week.

I've just started cleaning the oven! Waiting for the gunk to work. Don't know why these mad moments come over you but it's certainly been a back to the run of the mill today.

PS I've now added my publicity shot taken last Thursday. It shows Jason, a Harpie, Medea and Theseus.

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