An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Don't you just hate it....

When you upload your photo, take time over your write up only for your lap top to throw a strop when you try to upload to blip and you lose the lot?!

I do!

So, in summary.....

The weather was lovely today so I could have made the effort to get an outdoors blip but instead I I blipped the tulips again.  Get over it ;)

Brace yourself.  I will probably blip them regularly till the petals curl up, die and fall off the stems. 

Blip woes aside, I am in a good mood because it was still relatively light outside just before 5pm.  A change of month makes all the difference.  (My gran hated January with a vengeance and it used to amuse me a little but now I find the older I get, the more I appreciate how she felt.)

 The lovely light energised me and whilst there were lots of household chores I could have tackled, I chose to tidy up and sort out my photography equipment.  The bad news is I can't find my speedlite.  Struggling to remember the last time I used it.  There's a faint memory tugging at the back of my mind that says I put it somewhere odd as part of a quick tidy up, telling myself I must remember I put it there.   Hmmm.....

Looking out the bedroom window this morning I noticed the Gin Palace could be doing with freshening up so will speak to Billy my painter man soon to get that booked in for early spring.  Won't be quite the same view from the GP this summer....diggers and builders for most of it.  Here's hoping some of them are worthy of a diet coke break ;-)))

Right then...copy and save before attempting to upload.  

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