Leaving my mark, I mean footprints

Its been a good day, and yet with some changes coming up, this blip seems very personal/poignant for me.

The changes I spoke of a few weeks ago might involve us leaving HK, as Martin's company has decided to restructure the department.  And therefore he'll be out of work, as of end April.  

It's been hard to come to terms with, but he's also been wanting to make a move for a while.  Would have been better to have had something to go to, but sometimes, it doesn't always work the way we want.  So I guess some change is coming for us.  Whether we find work here, or elsewhere, who knows?  God knows, and we look forward to whatever it is to be.  

Had a wonderful service in church where the sermon really stuck in our minds. It was so applicable to us and gave us lots to think about.  

For lunch, we had yum cha at our favourite local Chinese with friends Pam and her visiting niece.

Then down to the beach, after ages, as it's been so cold, but today's weather was lovely and the beach really was calling us.  Hence this pic of me leaving my footprints/mark on the beach/HK ... just in case we do leave!!!

Came home to bake a cake for an order tomorrow.  And we've decided that we will watch the Super Bowl first thing too. Hmmm ....

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