Bring back the Sparkle

Just when you start to think the cold, dark days will never end, a sparkle of light appears. This beautiful lantern in the pub caught my eye this evening as I caught up with my good friends Mark and Chris joined by the charming landlady Kate and her assistant Lucie.

A prior arrangement to go out for a lovely meal was replaced by a quiet catch up and supper at the 'second sitting room' aka the pub on the edge of the Castle estate. The change of plan was the result of all three of us afflicted with sore throats.

Everyone seems a little under the weather at the moment from friends with poorly toddlers who've caught every bug going at nursery to overworked friends who've run out of steam.

Finished my current contract at the PR agency today and have a bit of freedom as I return to freelancing for a while before my next contract or role begins. So much to do and I imagine the time will fly.

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