Not a puppet show

Today is President’s Day in the USA, an odd holiday that has evolved from the celebration of the birthdays of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Bella’s school was closed, so we had guacamole and corn chips for breakfast and spent the morning making cookie dough, coloring, applying stickers to one thing or another, modeling sand, playing with blocks, rearranging the doll house, reading Winnie-the-Pooh, and pretending to be sneak-up fairies hiding treasures. The centerpiece of our day was to be a puppet show at the Chinese Garden. After a great kerfuffle we got there just in time, but it turned out it was only a discussion of puppets, not a puppet show at all. Harumph! False advertising. 

After that disappointment, Bella wasn’t in the mood for photographs, and I was tired (there are good reasons why women are unable to bear children after fifty). So this was the best I got today--a couple of people engaged with their phones, a leafless tree, and some garish pond decorations. 

We came home to find a package outside my door--Bella’s father had sent us a Valentine’s package of macarons which was mysteriously not delivered till today (despite its being a holiday). Bella’s mother comes home tomorrow night, after which I hope to spend at least 24 hours prone, gazing quietly and peacefully at the ceiling. 

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