Before doing today's shopping, I spent some time at the local nature reserve. Usually, small birds and I are not the best of friends when it comes to photographing them but after just over an hour, I finally managed to get a good enough shot of this Wren. All the previous ones had been either blurry, or the bird had been partially in the shade or hidden by a branch in front of it. After this photo, I called it a day because I thought my chances of getting anything better could only get slimmer and also because it was beginning to feel cooler, whereas before it had felt very pleasant in the sunshine and out of the wind.

I really must remember to check whether I put the memory card back in the camera before I leave home, although there is probably a very good chance that it will happen again at some point. It was something I failed to do today, but fortunately there was a full one in the camera bag and after deleting 3 photos, which could be classed as rather rubbish, I was able to put a few new photos on it.

Many thanks for all the comments and stars on yesterday's sunset blip. I apologise for my lack of comments on other journals this evening.

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