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By MildlyOffensive

U-Bahn München: 69/100 Odeonsplatz (U3/U6)

Munich underground: 69/100 Odeonsplatz (U3/U6)

Odeonsplatz underground station was part of the original line that opened in 1971. That is, the pictured upper level is - the second station of this name, that crosses at a lower level, was opened later in 1986. Originally, it was not intended to create an interchange station here, so the usual 1971 design was used, like e.g. in the stations at Alte Heide, Giselastraße, or Dietlindenstraße.

Another feature of those old station is, that they tend to be rather dark and bleak, unlike the bright and colourful new ones like the last station of my series at Oberwiesenfeld.

The lesson I learned today is, that waiting for the last trains at a interchange station to be able to photograph a totally deserted station is counterproductive: the station (and the trains for that matter) fill up right until the last train arrives.

The next station in my series will be Odeonsplatz again, but the newer lower level.

"Is there anything in particular they could smear us with?" "Nothing in particular, just overlapping clouds of many thousands and thousands of things." - (Community, S6xE3)

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