The House of Annie Lennox

I ventured into Aberdeen Art Gallery today for a quick look around their new exhibition- The House of Annie Lennox.

I had read the blurb about the exhibit a month or two ago in the art gallery calendar, and was intrigued. It was originally created to show in the V & A, but had been adapted to show in Aberdeen as well as it's the hometown of the singer and humanitarian. So I had high expectations for Annie's so called House.

And I'm afraid to say...they were not met. Infact the exhibition was somewhat disappointing and overall came off as nothing more than an elaborate form of personal advertising.

There was very little content and a lot pretentious waffle. In the first room a few poorly lit outfits and "The creative heart of the exhibition"- an mdf Wendy house with some form of metaphorical significance (apparently). Speakers were dotted around the room and inside portholes for viewers to look into at album covers etc, but they didn't seem to be playing any music.

The second room (the main gallery hall) was filled almost entirely with framed silver, gold and platinum discs and a dozen photographs of the singer taken by various photographers. Oh, and not forgetting her dad's bagpipes and her flute sheet music.

I just refuse to believe that an artist like Annie Lennox -whose career has spanned four decades- couldn't find something more substantial and to be honest, more exciting to fill valuable gallery space with than her old school bag.

All together it was poorly thought out and cheaply constructed. Sorry Annie, but if that's how you entertain your guests I won't be visiting your house again anytime soon.

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