Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Yard Bird # 22 - Wild Turkey

Meet Jake. He's a young male Wild Turkey and he is working on his display moves.  When seen this morning, he was traveling in a group of 20 wild turkeys who were roaming around the edge of the woods, our yard, and our patio - much to Charlie's consternation.  It's likely that the entire group were all youngsters from last year's broods - it's common for them to stay in large groups until they are ready to breed (spring.)  Anyway, Jake here was experimenting with being "partially puffed" which is a prelude to the "fancy pants" move where he fans his tail feathers.  I did put a shot in Extra of this behavior featuring two jakes in the woods wearing the fanciest of pants.  

Hubs and I got home around 9:30 last night and tumbled into bed almost immediately.  The cats were overjoyed moderately happy to see us and wanted to some play/cuddle time which we were happy to provide.  We both got a good night of sleep in spite of me coughing during the night.  

I've been in front of my computer all morning sorting, deleting, tagging and editing photos from the trip.  I think I have it down to a somewhat manageable number now and will put it aside and do a final sort tomorrow. I will try to replace the last few days of blips with higher res images now that I have the ability to upload from my computer.  Always when I upload from my phone, the images are very low res.   

I've put an album on Flickr with the top pics of my Arizona photos - if you'd like to browse, please CLICK HERE

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and left comments, hearts and stars during my trip this week!  


Debbi, back in the frozen northeast

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