Examining the Evidence

Spent the day at a regional meeting of the Royal Photographic Society in Whatton in the Vale, Nottinghamshire.

Arriving at the venue, I learnt that there was no water. Severn Trent had experience a major blow out in one of its water mains and several villages north and east of Nottingham had had their water turned off.

We did get tea and coffee though, because the organisers brought in packs of bottled water.

Today's talk, shared between husband and wife photographers Guy and Paula Davies revealed how they each had different photographic perspectives although they do seem to prefer a softer cast on their photographic prints, not least because they use a wide variety of Permajet matte fine art papers.

There were some inspiring photos to inspect and one or two ideas imparted.

I've also begun to talk to several members I see at the meetings which makes them more enjoyable. My neighbour in the back row was the chairman of Melton Mowbray Photographic Society. We had a good chat. I think I'll pop along there one Friday evening.

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