on my way home

several funny things happened to me today.

firstly I found out that there are now not going to be any redundancies at work- bonus !

secondly I finished worked early as I had been in on my days off with Union business, hence no blip yesterday !

thirdly I went to my son's house and managed to get some really productive plastering done and got round a problem that had been troubling me for days.

next my friend Michelle rang me, it's her birthday tomorrow and I had sent her a card without putting a stamp on it - I really wasn't with it yesterday- the best bit was that the Postman didn't charge her for the letter - very odd in these times of austerity

and lastly, I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but I saw three old people, in a row driving with one hand whilst shading their eyes with the other, an accident waiting to happen !

This blip was taken on my way home about 7 pm after having been out of the house since 630 am - now I'm tired !

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