NHS Blip will have to wait. Thought I would perhaps go to the hospital directly in the afternoon. Being an old hand, I know how to avoid A&E and just go straight up to the appropriate ward where the duty doctor has a small examination room with ultra sound which should have been enough to make a decision and if necessary he would organise immediate CT. I am well known on the ward, they are even considering naming one of the patient rooms after me.

However I like to do the right thing. Waited until GP practice was closed and called the specialist directly saying I wanted to come by tomorrow. "Can't you come now" - No bit tied up. So I'll be in the waiting room tomorrow - it could take a while as I am being pushed in between, specialists are almost 100% on appointments only.

Best case, he sends me to hospital, they investigate, slip me on the operation plan for Friday and I go home to return at 7:00am Friday morning.

Sounds horribly arrogant - sadly comes from experience and my pig headed desire to spend the minimum of time in hospital. I hate it, not the people or treatment, simply the lack of freedom to do what I want to do.
I can hear the "mental" calls even over here. And yes you're right and just so that you have facts, a diagram of my thought processes this morning. Since then I haven't been able to get the wretched song out of my head and it is sending me mental......trump, trump, trump.. By the way the Bond St/HMV issue was Christmas Eve 1979, left the office around the corner early to start Christmas shopping. I remember thinking the world would shortly end, taken over by the punks. Perhaps a Brexit may not be the end of the world.......

DId send an email to Gtech UK - I don't like commenting on people without them knowing who I am and how to punch back. A form matter as it really is of no interest to them or anyone else (I hope no Blipers read it). Think it's simply the right thing to do - manners maketh etc... a fine British virtue.

Dog walk along the river at Ottobeuren. Extra photo. The banks have been cleared of all the undergrowth, bushes, shrubs and most trees and looks a lot tidier. However when we passed the point where the dogs usually take a dip in summer, a pair of ducks flew up. Then it struck me that everything they need to breed has been demolished. We often see the mother with her young in summer. I hope they do find somewhere safe. Spoked to MrB about his duck house I bliped a few days ago. He has erected 14 in the area. Apparently the design comes from the USA. He is experimenting adding landing boards to some although apparently the ducks can get in. Angie had asked how the liitle ducklings could get back in - MrB says that once they leave the nest, they don't return. He is a bit sceptical but hopes that it works. If he's right, I will send the design to RedFlash who is single handedly protecting the population of the City of London and without any EU support. Well done RedFlash.

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