Doris' downside

Snow, sleet, snow and 0°C with a hefty frost due tonight!

As the sun didn't come out, left the Nerd sunglasses at home for this evening's walk with Flash.

No sign of any kidney stones being ejected but also no pains. However a day to stay indoors and do nothing.

Am aware that I have been increasingly critical of the Uk, looking through m rose coloured German sunglasses. I have always been very proud of my UK citizenship and this is no doubt the reason what I see from afar hurts more than it probably should.

While I have not been anywhere near as good as star Bliper Davesfotos has been and who celebrates his 6th Blip birthday today, we both started at the same time. The 24th February 2011 was my 4th Blip and shows my "Patriotism".

However my time in Germany has taught me that there is an alternative to black and white, conservative and labour, right and wrong. Actually a bit of a cheek considering I am in Bavaria where there has been to all intents and purposes a dictatorship since the end of the Third Reich. Bavaria will probably file for independence of Mrs Merkel's party doesn't win the next German election. Her party is not represented in Bavaria but is the closest political ally on a national basis.

A bit more representative democracy in the Uk might just knock heads together and get things done rather than endless talk and defending worthless principals rather than finding worthwhile solutions.

German friends can accept the ridiculous remarks coming from the like of Greece about the UK but cannot understand the hate being publicised from the UK especially given the "extra Wurst" Mrs Thatcher so cleverly negotiated. Interestingly their EU heroes are Ireland - they put up their hands when they got in to problems, didn't blame everyone else but put their heads down and went through the pain and agony to put their house in order. In the words of one friend "The Irish can have as much money as they need . no questions asked".

I guess the bit that really annoys me is that I am not allowed to vote in any national election, the democratic UK government having withdrawn the rights of exPats who have been away for 15 years. I guess it does have the upside that my fellow UK resident citizens can't blame me for any negative Brexit negotiations with Germany - I can't vote here either.

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