Doris' Leeward side

Overnight Doris deposited 2cm of snow and a good frost. But also a lovely sunny day and although the day temperature shown on the thermometer didn't get to double figures, it felt very spring like and made for a lovely "Schickling" dog walk.

I started taking photos from this bridge as I actually wanted a close up of the tree stump lying half in the river. I don't remember the "carving" being on it on Monday but it certainly doesn't look very fresh. So I assume a romantic young man did the deed for Valentines Day. Must have been done with a chainsaw and have to give credit for the straight lines. Have shown it close up in the Extras.

Angie had to go visit her mother today - some growing older problems to ´deal with. So no ride out for Luna and she had to put up with another walk with me and Flash in the evening. Tomorrow looks like it will be OK, if perhaps not so sunny.

Doris or as she was known in Germany - Thomas - is now somewhere between Finnland and Russia and High "Geri" is giving us the sun. But Low "Udo" is brewing up something over Iceland and about to take on a High from the Azores in a fight to conquer the British Isles.

The River is the "West Günz" which will eventually join the East Günz and then flow in the Danube. The Günz is the longest stream system in Bavaria and drains 710km² (a bit more than the area of Merseyside)

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