Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Global Women's Forum: Day 2

I didn't have to start till 7:30 this morning, so had a whole hour extra to lie-in except, I woke at 4:30 and just couldn't get back to sleep. Agh!

A much more relaxed day today. No heads of state or big wigs for airport type security to put everyone through. I was surprised we still registered new participants though - even at 3pm! Dr (Mehmet) Oz walked right past, and a bit later, Becky Anderson of CNN. My only opportunity to listen to two of the speakers I wanted to, was when I went to get something to eat, and they were beaming the plenary sessions live on big screens, so... I've taken pictures of them!

Also in the collage is the very talented musician who entertained us during breaks, and some of the lovely people I worked with in the Registration area. They are subcontractors and have a very distinctive pink scarf to offset their black uniforms! And lastly, there are pictures from The Hub and generally of the venue.

I asked to leave at 3:30 as I needed to call into the office to do a small job of uploading a document, and dropping G off to her student who wasn't there last week. I actually got from the airport to work and back in an hour. Incredible! Chose all the right routes.

And finally, in the evening - made it to the scheduled practice for playing in Church on Friday. It was fantastic to be doing my most favourite thing again (playing worship music with other musicians). It got over quite late though. I have had to start on a course of antibiotics as I need help to get rid of my cough. It's draining.

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