Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid


Found my eyes open close to 9am this morning. Yikes! I think it's the anti-biotics! Anyway, jumped out of bed and got myself down to Academic City where I visited the offices of KHDA to collect an NOC. What an interesting place... I can see Dubai's "Happy" initiative at work...

A very smiley local offered me a ride in a golf cart from the car park to the building which was all of 80 metres. The buggy was bright yellow, and he really did want to get me across the road, so I relented. Walked into the building, and they certainly have unusual offices. All open plan - very much like a very large meeting area, with budgies flying freely (yes, really) and a grand piano and acoustic guitar in the middle. There was graffiti on the white sofas and some of the walls as well. To top it off, all the staff were very friendly and helpful! I didn't feel I could whip out my camera to get a shot though.

Home for the rest of the day... think I ironed twenty t-shirts. Big backlog! It is officially the weekend!

I hope my blip is self-explanatory!

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