I like this image and I know what it is and where it is and everything but it's not that easy to describe. It's in the valley at Crisbrook and it was the sluice feeding an overshoot wheel which powered four pairs of millstones at Lower Crisbrook mill. A shot in the extras might show it better.

What a day for emotion! I'm sure I'm not the only one captivated by the images and video of the Flying Scotsman running from Kings Cross to York. The crowds at Doncaster, where she was built, were extra special. I also liked the technology contrasts; smartphones and tablets used to capture this piece of living history.

A light dusting of snow this morning so I invoked the Snowmageddon Protocol. This involves cranking up the heating and panicking. It disappeared as soon as the sun came out but it still gave me chance to quickly check how much milk and bread I had and to start planning a rationed menu to last for three months. 

Given the detail behind this image I was going to call this blip "Grinder"...............

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