Watery Walk

It has been a cool and damp day in South Africa; we awoke to cloud and grey sky. In a way it has made a pleasant change to the intense heat we have experienced but tomorrow is forecast to be sunny. 
We did a walk to a few waterfalls which meant a reasonable slog along paths which are not easy at the best of times. My blip is the top fall and the getting there was quite tough. I really needed a tripod as it was impossible to use the filters, jeep the camera focused and level and in the right position.  We have brought a tripod but it was back at our residence as it’s a bit heavy to carry around. I have a more portable one at home which I should have brought as the only good tripod is the one that is actually with you when you need it!  It was also impossible to keep the windblown spray off the filters and lens.   This waterfall is huge but the very low rainfall here over the past few months means it is not as impressive as it should be.  South Africa is experiencing drought conditions and is desperately in need of significant amounts of rainfall.
The last part of the walk was back to the car park and this was the hardest - the fun is over, legs are tired, we are in the cloud and it is drizzling too, the paths become muddier and slippery and I am fed up with going UP!  Eventually though we made it down after over 5 miles so step count for today is good!

A cup of tea, an invigorating shower and a beer work wonders for the soul and I am looking forward to the evening meal. One more full day before we start the journey home which may not be as straight forward as we would like but that is all part of the adventure – fingers crossed that BA will have two seats for us!

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