A hard day at work!

Last day at work for Ann before we’re off on almost 3 week’s holiday.  Yay!

Unfortunately she had lots & lots to organise so that things run smoothly in her absence  (and Stephen, her very lovely boss, actually said he’d miss her.  Probably a good time to ask for a pay rise then. Lol!  Hope you're reading this Steve?). So Ann was at work all day and I had to go with her.  Boohooo!  Going to work with Ann for the whole day means that I only get boring ‘on my lead’ walks.  But do you know what I saw when I went for a little walk around the block at lunchtime?.................  I saw a big fat frog.

Usually I get a play in the park at lunchtime but today Ann said, ‘Molly, the park will be muddy so we’ll just walk around the block.’  I was on my lead in good dog mode when Ann suddenly screamed.  She doesn’t like frogs.  I looked down and there was a big fat frog.  If Ann had thought about it, she could have blipped me looking at it in surprised mode, but she was too intent on getting away from it.  Not really sure why there was a big fat frog in the middle of the pavement?  Maybe one of the gardens has a pond that it had escaped from???

Anyway that’s about as exciting as it’s got today..................... 
But to liven things up a bit, do you want to know what I did?................  I had a huge poo just as we were about to go back into the office.  I know that the only 'poo bin' is at the entrance to the park and I knew that Ann was not going to take a bag of poo into the office.  I was right..................  we headed to the park and I thought I was going to get let off my lead for a run about on the muddy paths.  I thought my very clever cunning plan was just about to work. 

Mmmmmmmmmmm...................  sometimes my very clever cunning plans aren't that clever.  I walked to the park, on my lead, Ann threw my poo in the poo bin and then we went back to the office.  Boohooooo!


……………And to be honest, going to work with Ann is really tiring for an old little collie like me.  I’ve had to stay alert all day because a lot of people have been coming and going so I haven’t managed to have any proper sleep time.


………..And now I’ve had my dinner and am snoozing in my bed.  Bliss!!!!

Edit??!! - Just looked at my last BLIP entry for a leap year -  29th February 2012.  I think it was one of my most popular entries ever.  But don't really know because I've never really been able to access the statistics since Polaroid took over.  Maybe that will all change now???  Anyway I still love Ozzy, my very gorgeous golden retriever boyfriend.  But I still don't want to marry him.  At my age I'm a bit set in my ways. Lol.

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