Irish Gate

When the walls around Carlisle were built in the 12th Century, there were three gates - Scotch Gate (North), English Gate (South) and Irish Gate (West). This is the site of the Irish Gate and, as part of a Millennium project, the modern bridge was erected and the gateway was built into the wall as a replica of what was once there. This is what the Gateway might have looked like. This was almost certainly drawn from the inside, but I wanted to go outside and get the bridge and the castle in the picture.

Today I was leaving the city centre and heading out to the hospital and, as I was walking rather than driving, I really did get the feeling, as I passed through the arch, that I was leaving the city. You do not get that as you drive along the busy ring road, under the bridge and in front of the castle. This is looking back and you can see the bridge, the wall and the castle. And the road that divides the castle from the city centre - no one seems to know why this happened, but it is really sad that it did.

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