Crazy About Birds

By Kimb


I got home from Costa Rica to find that The Husband had purchased a *new* couch for our living room. This is a good thing. Our former couch had been being chewed on by our little dog Bugsy (the Boston Terrier/Pug cross) who seems to feel that it is necessary to attempt to cover his ball with any and everything, which results in his tearing at things with his teeth. There is nothing in our house that doesn't have teeth marks on it. Anyway, the cushions on the old couch, which was used when we got it years ago, had finally completely lost their integrity and were spewing powdery dead foam dust everywhere. So when I left I said "and see if you can find a couch while I'm gone" and he did! Again a second hand couch - a dark green leather (leather!) couch. Which reminds me of a moment years ago, when we opened up an antique store that specialized in lamps and lighting fixtures, but had other furniture and doodads as well. Some acquaintance of ours strolled in and said "OH! I love it! How wonderful! What style is your home furnished in???" To which I replied "Early Salvation Army." (She looked at me funny after that.) Anyhoo. We have a new couch, and the old one is now on the porch being taken apart by The Husband. I'm not 100% sure why, but that's the sort of thing he does. And so... finding myself mojo-less, I thought "Oh! Is Derelict Sunday still a thing? I bet it is!" Thus, herewith a derelict couch. It was - says The Husband - very well made. It probably dates from the 1940s? Not like the things you buy today for enormous sums that are basically cardboard with padding around it.

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