I was about to list my choices for Tiny Tuesday when I realised I didn't actually have a Blip for today. A quick trip to the nearby Rose Gardens followed, to hunt for a respectable looking flower. There are not many left now that aren't tatty, overblown or deformed in some way.

Now to the interesting bit - Tiny Tuesday awards. It is so hard to chose a special few when so many deserve it.   Drops featured strongly this week and the other stand out was how clever people are at choosing  an effective depth of field.

So, in no particular order, hearts go to:

Trisharooni    Fern   A beautiful unfolding fern
LesleyAlsford   Flowers  Tiny flowers captured in drops.
JensPhotos      Fiery Breastplates  A beautifully captured feather
Ubermoob       What will the neighbours think?  I also admire her dedication to getting the shot
Landscapeartist   Worm Lookout. I kept coming back to this admiring the shallow depth of field and minimalist appearance.

Honourable Mentions because I am out of hearts:

Rainie      Leucadendron.   Loved the warm earthy colours and perfect focus
DavidKeith   Tiny Ring.   Depth of field was spot on, great reflection and no distractions.
Tiebreaker       Moss. Beautifully focused drops.
Riwka7  Uh oh Houston…We have a problem. Representing the insect world.
Chantler63      Rose.  A lovely glowing rose.

Now, two for special mention:

Skeena      A Tiny bit of History   For a fascinating piece of history.
mpp26        Macro Flower.    Even though this was posted on the Wednesday I encouraged using the TT tag because I thought it was a beautiful macro and everyone else would enjoy seeing it too.

Thank you everyone for a fascinating collection this week. I have enjoyed them all. Remember that next week will be a mystery macro. Please tag with TT42 and MysteryMacro

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