WicKeD, I've Been Hung

Today is World Kidney Day. I met kidney disease sufferer Kerigh Palmer at a Hertfordshire Mercury Tog Squad get together. She is a Mercury photographer and her wife Julie is the editor. I've been following Julie's blog about how she is getting fit ready to donate one of her kidneys to Kerigh and how Kerigh is coping. She puts a brave face on the privations associated with having to endure dialysis. I didn't realise that dialysis patients are always thirsty because fluid intake is restricted. 

Kerigh hastily put together a fund-raising effort for World Kidney Day when she recently discovered that it is today. Tog Squad member Sharon, of The Mardleybury Gallery in Datchworth, is hosting the event. I went over there today to make a contribution and to have a look at the photographs that Sharon invited the squaddies to hang for the Herts Big Weekend. It's rather a shame that only a few have submitted photographs. Sharon has filled the allocated wall with paintings. I was quite pleased with how my tiger looks.

I enjoyed meeting and chatting to Mike Stock and Heather who were working on paintings. I particularly like his paint-splattered coat. :) (Extras)

World Kidney Day aims to raise awareness about kidney disease and organ donation and also to educate on how to keep one's kidneys healthy. I found this poem on a message board entitled I Hate Dialysis. It's called When I Get A Kidney and was written by Kitsune.

When I get a kidney, I will pee, pee, pee.
I will pee for you, I will pee for me.

I will pee on bushes, I will pee on trees.
I will get down and pee on my knees.

I will drink and drink and drink until I burst.
I will never again have dialysis thirst.

I will go to Wacken, I will pants Herman Li.
I will show Kotipelto my new kidney.

I will climb into the tent with COB.
I will yell in their faces, "Hey guys, it's me!"

Then when I'm done, I'll go back to my unit.
I'll pull my down my pants on the sidewalk and moon it.

I'll stick my butt on the window at the bitch secretary.
I will create so much mayhem it's scary.

I will go to Finland and ride a reindeer.
With Lauri Porra I will drink Finnish beer.

I'll name my new kidney "Kidney Fred".
I'll go up to people who still think I dialyze and say, "I left the center because I'm dead."

Oh, the fun I'll have when I get my kidney.
But, for right now I'm stuck at D.  

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