Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Street Photography

...Tiny People style!

Yes, I decided to take the TP out to play again today - this time for a romp in the garden and some quick urban photography on the garden wall Lemon Avenue.  Daphne was out with Humprhey today and when they found a fellow sitting reading his paper, they just couldn't resist.  Unfortunately, Daphne was having some challenges with her camera settings, alas...  

Later, they ventured to the flower fields where they both got some nice shots of Daisy sitting in the primrose patch and a mountain climber who got trapped in a patch of daffodils - see Extra.

Oh those crazy Tiny People ... you just never know what they'll get up to next.  
And speaking of crazy...I've never had daffodils ready to bloom this early, or primoses blooming. 
Thanks for stopping by - hope you've been entertained. 

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