Wrap Stealer

After dropping the Little Misses off this morning I followed Mr K to Aylesbury where he dropped his car off at the garage to have his steering rod seen to!
Then I came home and did lots of overdue studying. 
Until it was time to go and get the Little Misses.
There were a couple of bits of good news in between and a fair bit of admin done.
Miss E had her first night time party tonight. Handily enough it was halfway to Aylesbury and the garage had just rung to say Mr K's car was ready so we dropped her off and just had enough time to get to the garage before they shut.
We offered Miss L a trip to McDonalds but - connoisseur that she is - she insisted on going to Costa instead! 
Peppermint tea for me, a giant cappuccino for Mr K and a chocolate brownie and - a new, welcome addition to their menu - a gluten free chicken wrap for Miss L.
Mr K took Miss L home and I went back to the party to pick up the dancing girl. I was a bit early so had a quick cup of tea and chatted to some of the other mums while the children boogied amongst the foam and bubbles.
A good time was had by all!

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