Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Clytha Walk

Last night we'd planned to do a longish walk today: however, Mrs BB has caught my cold and is coughing and spluttering - and added to the fact we slept late and enjoyed a lay in, it was gone midday by the time we left home. We hadn't done the Clytha walk, just outside Abergavenny, for a while so decided on that as it wasn't as strenuous and would only take a couple of hours to do the 4.3 miles along the picturesque River Usk.

The blip picture is taken of some trees on the opposite river bank that grabbed my attention with their lovely reflections. The picture was taken in monochrome and is uncropped. It has a lovely serenity about it. Mrs BB is becoming well trained and no longer seems to moan when I stop to make art. I even have her pointing things out now!

Thanks to everyone who left favourites on yesterdays blip which propelled it to page 1 of the populars pictures.

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