Goose Stepping

Beautiful warm day and so was marched out to set about tidying up the garden.

Wanted to collect up the five tree trunks lying on the horse field but the tractor wouldn't start. Initially it did it's normal smoky stuttering start but then died, not uncommon but thereafter it normally starts well. No idea what the problem is and unwilling to spend any time in the cold dark shed, abandoned the idea and concentrated on the garden.

By afternoon had  trailer full of broken twigs and branches which had been lining the drive. I love trees and even adore silver birches but only in Siberia with Dr Zhivago, Omar Sharif & Julie Christie enjoying a moonlight sleigh ride through the forest. The trees look lovely but spend the entire year throwing muck of one sort or another on the ground.

The geese kept me company throughout. Once the tractor is sorted, I can pick up the huge amount of twigs in their field. The thought of having to do it by hand does not bring a smile to my face.

Oh and for the record, spotted the first crocus in the garden yesterday!

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