Pink Anemone

Another Monday morning and another short-formed train.  We were like sardines, though not quite as closely packed as last Monday when only two carriages turned up. I spent the day catching up with bits and pieces and working out what some of the things in my in box were all about.  A thirty minute meeting in the afternoon, turned into a ninety minute meeting, and before I knew it, it was time to head home.

BB was in the middle of his homework when I got home – which was excellent.  His class took part in a  rugby festival today and he was still wearing his rugby gear.  Before we left this morning he asked if he was allowed to get his track bottoms dirty!

I have baked tonight, for a bake sale which is being held at work tomorrow in support of Macmillan Cancer Support.

On Friday I spotted anemones in the window of a local florist.  I went in to buy a bunch, to be told I could only buy them individually.  I bought a bunch!  They have been a disappointment and haven’t really opened out very well and look a bit tatty, which has made me wonder how fresh they were.  In the absence of anything better, here is a pink one before it gives up the ghost.


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