Daffodil Lawn

I was at the airport for much of the day today - the first of two days of meetings. Our office is stuffy and has no windows so on the way home I decided to go for a walk in the woods. Dolly is at the dogsitter's for a couple of nights so it was just me. That just didn't seem right! But I was grateful for the fresh air and to be able to 'switch off' after a couple of tense conversations!!

Again, after a long spell of almost no rain, she and I have been able to visit some places that are always far too muddy in the winter (see last two blips). If the rain holds out I am looking forward to bringing Dolly back here soon! I even found a couple of picnic spots!

On the edge of the woods (National Trust) is a rather large property with a Garden Centre/Nursery. I just discovered this last autumn so I had no idea I'd see such a beautiful carpet of daffodils on the lawn - bottom picture. The top picture is of more daffodils, lining the long drive leading to the Garden Centre. It was a grey day today so the bright yellow really cheered it all up!

Back in the woods on the way back, I passed through an area where the National Trust have been cutting back trees and widening an avenue - all a normal part of woodland management. But someone obviously doesn't approve, and created a rather clever message with the logs from the felled trees - see the Extra photo. I can't make out the first two words ____ ____ SAVE THE TREES. Any clues, anyone?

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