Latest addiction.

I/we spotted them on a wander around that well-known Roman emporium "Marcus & Spencius" (Remember them?)

The lack of fat was what caught the optics - I tend to read crisp packets.

Next job, after finding how much we liked them, was a swift comparison...
It was pure coincidence that "Walkers©" cropped up on both searches, possibly because I asked about "Crisps" NOT "Chips"
The 1st quote was 33gm fat per100gms
Then came their "Lites"
still quoted as 11.0gm fat per 100gm
"Tonight's" search found ...
"Discover the Walkers Baked Range
Why bake something once, when you could bake it twice? Our super crunchy Walkers Baked contain 70% less fat than potato crisps on average, and you can’t argue with that."

Even at 70% less I find that...
"Baked Ready Salted Crisps (25g)  (Walkers)
per 1 packet (25g) - Calories: 102kcal | Fat: 2.00g | Carbs: 18.70g | Prot: 1.70g "
so that gives us 8.0gm fat per 100gm if of the baked variety.

These little beauties are quoted as 
0.2gm fat per 100gm on the back of the pack.

For the benefit of the health conscious "them over there" the "greediments" are listed as:-
Beetroot, Vinegar, Cider vinegar, Concentrated lemon juice, Black pepper extract & dried Garlic.

Aside - just noticed that I used a Rhode island $0.25. It came to light, on "Pointless" last night, that there's a Ranch in Texas which is bigger than Rhode island.

Extra added solely for my record.
Been learning a bit more.
BUT I had to totally rebuild the stem.
Watch for that in future.

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