Mono-Monday: Portrait

Trisharooni has chosen "Portrait" as the theme for today's Mono-Monday.

After some gentle persuasion and due consideration Mrs C (aka My Editor), who is normally very camera-shy, agreed to sit for her portrait today. As the chief provider of inspiration for many of my blips (not to mention putting up with me as her husband for 34 years and 51 weeks and counting, being mother of our 3 fabulous sons and adopting countless other invaluable roles) it seems appropriate that you should "meet" her at last. I have very little experience of taking portrait shots but tried to achieve "Rembrandt-type lighting" as were were instructed at a local camera club training meeting a few months ago.

As you'll know this is the first blip of my 3rd year of blipping. I'm most grateful to everyone who awarded stars and/or hearts to my 730th blip yesterday, propelling it (albeit briefly) to Page One of "Popular" - I've never been anywhere near Page One before! Thank you all so much!

Trisharooni has done a great job of hosting Mono-Monday this month so many thanks to her too. I should also mention Skeena who oversees Mono-Monday and puts in a lot of effort to make sure that hosts are always appointed in good time.

Next week I have the pleasure of taking on the Mono-Monday role for April, and I'm really looking forward to it. Once more Mrs C has come to my rescue by helping to choose the topics. Next week's topic will be "Fool" (OK it's not actually on April 1st but it's near enough!) - make of it what you like! I'll post my pre-Mono-Monday blip on Sunday.

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