Mono Monday: Week 114 .......

Portrait.  Taylor's portrait. 

Portraits ... these are a little out of my comfort zone!  R had volunteered to be my portrait subject, but I was determined to have the courage to ask a stranger for a picture.  

I thought maybe I would go to the park where I might encounter someone, but the weather had other ideas!  It was raining when I got up and the rain has continued.  The park was definitely out. 

Despite the rain I did have to run out this morning to pay some property taxes (oh, the joys of home ownership!).  I took my camera with me thinking I would ask the clerk at the township office where I took my payment.  

Then I saw Taylor.  He was leaving the township office just as I was pulling in.  Funny thing is when I first saw him I thought to myself ... "not him ... too young and scruffy looking!"  But then he did something so unexpected .... he ran back to the doors and held them open for me!  

So I thought, "what the heck!" I told him that I was challenged to get someone's portrait today and asked if he would mind if I took his picture.  
"Sure", he said.  He went on to tell me that he had just had his picture taken to renew his driver's license! How funny is that!  He really was as nice as can be!

It just goes to show the old saying is true ... don't judge book by it's cover. 

If you haven't already seen these ... I have back blipped the past few days.  Starting here.  And I have added a photo to Flickr of the first ever sighting of a brown creeper in our yard! The picture isn't the greatest as he/she was moving very fast! 

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