a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Mono Monday: Portrait

This is a first for me.  I've never set out to take a portrait of someone with a view to having to then show it to anyone. Particularly where the subject is Cathy and the anyone is potentially everyone.  Oh, I've taken plenty of portraits one way and another, but I've always had the liberty to delete the shot, or choose to post something else.  This shot was always going to end up being very public, so there has been a degree of (unexpected) pressure involved.

Fortunately my subject has given the official stamp of approval, so I have permission to blip this one.  Phew!

It was taken with on camera flash through a diffuser and an off camera remote flash bounced off some white card.  Cathy was positioned in front of a black card background.  It is of course absolutely SOC (straight out of camera) (I might have my fingers crossed behind my back at this point).  

Thanks again to trisharooni for hosting this month.

Its been a funny old day, for reasons I can't really go into, not all good.  Later on I baked some wholemeal bread rolls (my third bread baking experience), and I cooked a curry for the family at the same time.  Which rather explains my King Alfred moment with the bread ... Fortunately the rolls are fine, although some of them are slightly browner than they ideally would be.  I'm learning!  The curry on the other hand was excellent :-)

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