By Missycat

MonoMonday 114 Portrait...

...or should that be 'pawtrait'?  Sorry, I couldn't resist that rather well worn play on words!
Featuring in this week's MM challenge is the lovely Lilly, now more than 2 weeks on from her surgery.  I felt it was unfair to photograph her at all whilst she was wearing The Collar of Shame but I think that the time has come for her to model again.  You will note that I have photographed her 'good' side, although you can see that the right hand whiskers have some way to go before they are fully grown again
In other news, Mr MC and I spent most of Easter Monday sorting out things to throw away.  I really don't know how so much 'stuff' manages to accumulate but I do know that as  and when I manage to retire this year, I could take on decluttering our home as a full time occupation for several months at least!

Thank you once again to Trisharooni for kindly hosting with such lovely topics this month and apologies for posting late!
Apparently  the portrait  should have been  of a person- of the human kind that is: well I do regard our cats as family members, so I'm still  happy with my choice!  I would add that portraits of pets have been around longer than photography e.g. all those 17th and 18th century portraits of terriers, bulls and race horses!

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