Tiny Tuesday 44 A busy day

Today Mr MC was on holiday but there was no such luxury for me as I had work of the paid variety to do -  a pity as the sky appeared to be quite blue for most of the day!
Whilst I sat in my office, Mr MC busied himself with various tasks around the house to complete our renovation project.  We had expected the plumber to arrive to replace the kitchen tap (the hot water handle has snapped off so you need pliers to turn it on and off) but unfortunately the person designated to do this took the day off without informing either us or his boss!

I was short of time for a TT shot, so it had to be one of the flowers still remaining from my pre Easter bouquets - a very strongly scented lily.  When I look at my image I do wish that I knew how to do photo stacking;  another project  for when I retire!

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