Tiny Treasures from China

Dear Diary,

It is "Tiny Tuesday" and I thought I would share these little figurines I purchased in China back in 2002.  I visited the workshop of an artist outside of Xian who made these wonderful figures in clay.  Each is highly detailed and delightful.  The artist was delightful too.  Visiting local artisans is something I do wherever I travel and I prefer buying directly from them rather than through shops.

When I was in Russia I bought a crocheted table cloth from an elderly lady who had set up a small stand on the street corner near my hotel.  Everyday I watched her sitting there working on a piece, she reminded me of my grandmother.   Finally, I asked her if I could buy the one she was just finishing.  It is in my bedroom now and I smile every time I look at it.  I also bought a painting on that same trip in St. Petersburg from a street artist.  He had just finished painting it and it was still wet!  Luckily it dried enough in a few days so I could pack it, between pieces of cardboard, to take home.

It has been two years since my last overseas trip and it is looking like it won't be until next year before I make another big trip.  This time next year I will be getting ready to do a major tour of Italy.  That will be something to look forward to and the "street art", I'm sure, will be fantastic!

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