Where does time go? Forever, you live life wishing time away; to go to the next grade, to drive, to graduate, to go to college, to turn 21, to get married, to have kids, to go on vacation, for Friday to arrive, to retire. I've certainly been guilty. But where has time gone? I did most of my wishing ahead of taking my first job out of college at 22. That was 13 years ago now. 2011 came and went; 2012...2015...and now the first quarter of 2016 is virtually gone. I've started my MBA 15 months ago and it seems like it was just yesterday. I'm halfway done now. If I'm climbing the hill and anywhere near halfway, I think that I may start wishing for time to slow. I'm not sure how to make this happen other than to retire sooner than later and spend more time relaxing than running......the plan is in the works

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