Tiny Tuesday - Burdock Seeds

I am deeply embarrassed to say that I had typo in my journal yesterday - misspelling of 'cappuccino' in the title - I only used one 'p'. I can only apologise. :-)

Anyway a busy morning - out with Mrs madwill to purchase a few bits and pieces. First off we called in to collect a couple of sewing machines that had been serviced, then on to a retail park - first stop a coffee shop (no fancy coffees you understand). Then we bought a couple of new mice for our computers (I hate using the trackpads) - sadly one of them doesn't work properly so will have to go back sometime.

Then on to buy some new bedlinen for the guest bed and some new kitchen scales!

Home via a supermarket and bought ready made Chinese meal for tea for tea tonight..

So a busy shopping morning.

Out with Finlay after lunch - on the hunt for 'Tiny Tuesday' subjects. Part way round the walk Finlay went lame (which is a disaster for a three legged dog). He wouldn't walk on his front leg - so I managed to get him to lay on his side and found a huge great spike (from a tree) stuck in his foot. Managed to extract it and all was well.

I found these burdock seed heads which I liked, as well as some blackthorn blossom with a bonus beetle - in the extras. Thanks to lizellen for hosting this month.

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