Windswept at Waylands Smithy

We set off at 10am heading generally West without a route in mind with the vague thought of stopping anywhere interesting at least 2 hours into our journey. As this would be roughly lunchtime I headed for the Departure Lounge cafe near Alton. The cafe used to be in an aircraft fusilage but is now a modern building.

Fortified with a full breakfast Martin took over driving to Oxfordshire. We walked to Uffington Castle and back to Waylands Smithy. The views were amazing from the highest spot in the county. The wind was savage and the last bit of the climb steep but worth it.

The next destination was a quick stop at Cheltenham Harley Davidson before checking in our hotel in Gloucester. Our room has a view over the hills. Our last stop will be finding somewhere nice to eat before an early night. We are currently sat on the bed having a cuppa before we go out again. The bed seems huge without the woofs laid in the middle!

I got to nearly 5 pm before I started to miss them...

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