Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Bigblipmeet Portland

Folks with cameras.   I'm on the train heading back to Seattle now and managed to get the photos off the Sony camera to the iPhone by wifi and then emailed to the iPad (because it didn't seem to want to hop over there) so not sure what has been lost, but here's a fun group of people..DDon
nhc, Kendallishere , Loisbiz ExtraDays, Musings, and Bluheron.   Not going to press my luck to make all those links til I get to a computer later... I'm sure we will have 8 different versions.   Thanks everyone who made this happen and Lois who picked me up and took me back to the train ( with a most fun stop in between, with musings, at 23 sandy gallery to drool over and get inspired by artist's books,).  Very fun!  I couldn't imagine it not being so.   Long live blip.   Extras later.....:-)

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