The Carrs

I noticed these beautiful willows yesterday as we came through Market Warsop yesterday. I went back today on a day that sharp showers blew through quickly. I'd just got there and set up a tripod (for the shot that's in as an extra) when one blew in. I went back and sat in the van for ten minutes before I was able to resume. This is the River Meden running through The Carrs. I think the one I've used as my main blip represents an archetypal English scene.

It's been a day of leavings. Phoebe, Paul and the grands set off this morning after breakfast and Frances and Frazer went in the middle of the afternoon. We're rattling round in this large place on our own so it's very quiet. We'll be heading off ourselves tomorrow though, it's been a very nice stay.

I'd put a few more up on Flickr but after trying to log in for ages, I find it's down.

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