Portland: Arrival Day

We took the train from Bellingham (Washington) to Portland (Oregon) today, a distance of about 262 miles / 422 kilometers, leaving at 8:30 a.m. and arriving a bit late at 3:20 p.m.

It was easy to settle into the same Airbnb studio apartment that we stayed in last year, and then we strolled out to find an early evening meal and buy some groceries. In between those activities, we had a wide-ranging conversation with a couple enjoying the beer choices at the same place as us, and are planning to meet up with them again next week. I love the relaxed atmosphere in this big city!

As I'm still under the proverbial weather with a cold, I decided this morning to bring only my little Sony RX-100. Casting about for a photo opportunity at the small tap house and bistro where we ate this evening, I was caught by the light on this man's face.

I was far enough away to shoot by putting my camera on the table, framing the shots, and looking in another direction when I pressed the shutter. His concentration never wavered, and the light on his face was lovely.

After finishing our meal (and beer), and a protracted conversation with the couple mentioned earlier, we strolled a few more blocks to a Whole Foods grocery store, the nearest such store to where we're staying, to stock up on necessities like yogurt, buttermilk, cookies, cheese, crackers, beer, wine, and fresh fruit. Back we came to our Portland apartment to tackle the challenges of blipping from iPads,, among other things!

It's late now, and I'm yawning prodigiously, so it's off to bed I go. I look forward to catching up on your journals tomorrow!

Blip 1516

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