Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Yard Bird # 30 - Red-winged blackbird

First, many thanks for the hearts and stars on Monsieur Bleu yesterday.  After being absent all afternoon, he showed up this morning ...with TWO females!  There are now two nests being built in boxes that are about 60 feet apart.  The ladies are collecting grass while Monsieur supervises.  I was a bit surprised when I saw three of them this morning as it is not common to have polygamous bluebirds.  However, it does happen on occasion and apparently Monsieur is quite the little go-getter.

If you need a bluebird fix, two photos on Flickr...
Monsieur, assessing the situation
Fraulein, busy working on the second nest (I decided to name the second female Fraulein, since Madame was already taken...)

Which probably makes you ask why I didn't post another bluebird today...I was soooo tempted, believe me!  But, I don't see red-winged blackbirds in my yard all that often so this one kind of begged to be blipped.  I liked the over-the-should glance, even though his name-sake red wing bars aren't visible.  I knew he was out there in one of the tall trees - I could hear him singing and calling.  So, I stood very still on the deck and waited...and waited...and waited....  Eventually he couldn't stand it an flew down to perch in the cherry tree affording me a couple of shots.  Then I went inside and let him get about the business of gobbling some suet.

The day started cloudy and it is now pouring rain.  Forecast is for the rain to continue all day so I don't expect I'll be getting out with my camera again which means I may as well post my blip early.  

Happy Thursday, people!

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