Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Really? You missed that shot? REALLY???

Or so he seemed to be saying, with his little crest raised and his button-eyes wide.  One of about 10 tufted titmice in the garden, all laughing at me.

The missed shot... a gorgeous big yellow-shafted flicker sitting right on top of one of the cherry trees, not 15 feet from the kitchen window.  And I wasn't able to grab my camera quick enough to get a shot.  I don't often see them near the house and never at my feeders (unlike some other lucky folks here) and I have never gotten a good shot of one.  Never.  Did I say...never?  

A blustery, cold day - most unpleasant and had me longing to be back in Arizona.  However, next week the temps will be well into the 70's so I really can't shouldn't complain.  Tomorrow, two of my besties are coming out for the weekend - a belated celebration of Peg's birthday.  It promises to be a grand time and the only thing missing will be our fourth member, Ellen, who is away on a business trip.  Next time.

Missed visiting MIL today - massive sinus headache had me in bed for a couple of hours.  Weather changes wreak havoc with my head.  

Thanks for keeping Scooby up near the top of the Popular Page - of course, his demands are now totally beyond the pale...


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