a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Silk in the breeze

Abstract Thursday: Silky Veils

"If I'd only seen through the silky veils of ardor
What a killing crime this love can be
I would have locked up my heart
In a golden sheath of armor
And kept its crazy beating
Under strictest secrecy
High security

I wish I had the wings
Of Noah's pretty little white dove
So I could fly this raging river
To reach the one I love
But I have no wings
And the water is so wide
We'll have to row a little harder
It's just in dreams we fly
In my dreams we fly!"

Joni Mitchell - The Silky Veils of Ardor

Thursday has come around again, which is great as it means that the weekend is nearly upon us.  But it also means that its time to think about doing something abstract in nature for youoregon1's challenge.

After a manipulated photo last week I wanted to try to take something that I could use straight out of the camera.  So no filters and no messing around in Affinity Photo today.  Here for you is a blue silky veil blowing in the breeze, or perhaps it is something else, it is a bit like looking at the clouds, you can see all sorts there if you just relax and stop focusing. 

In some ways I see this is a companion piece to Monday's Idiot Prayer blip, although today's lyric is much lighter in tone :-)

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