Abstract : : Calla Lily Leaves

I love finding abstract shots in nature…it is surprising how many there are to be found and I enjoyed looking at the links posted by Youoregon1 who is also hosting this month. This one got the Mobile Monet "vivid" treatment.

I spent a good part of the morning trying:
1) to find the crows nest in the tree outside our kitchen
Crows are clever birds and although I' pretty sure I have located their big, messy nest, it is surprisingly well camouflaged and too high up in the tree to get a shot into the nest. 

2) to photograph it in a way that shows what it is
I succeeded in finding it but failed abysmally at the second challenge. I can hear the crows and the hawks battling it out right now, so maybe evening is a good time to try to get some action.

The acorn woodpeckers are nesting in (that's right…IN) the telephone pole and are also fierce defenders of their territory. We are entertained by the pitched battles going on in the skies above our front lawn but we miss all the little birds that have vacated their territory for the duration….

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